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Schuberth Helmets Schuberth S2 Matte Black

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High-performance aerodynamics The S2 is specially designed for a sport touring riding position to remain stable in the air flow. The special shape of the helmet shell and the full circumference spoiler along the rim of the helmet ensure enhanced down force. The S2 creates practically no upward lift, even at higher speeds. In addition, the S2 also offers high directional stability. The buffeting is also significantly reduced on naked bikes. Perfected aerodynamics Upward lift = 0! Directionally stable No oscillating No buffeting Aeroacoustics of the S2 A quiet helmet means active safety for the motorcyclist: this permits the rider to concentrate on riding – particularly at higher speeds. Many hours in the Schuberth acoustic wind tunnel have ensured that the S2 is exceptionally quiet. The comprehensive acoustics package with optimized helmet shell, wind deflector and ergonomic shape of the neck padding make the S2 – at 85 dBA – one of the quietest helmets of all Aero-acoustics optimization for a helmet quiet Installation of a wind deflector enables the aeroacoustics and consequently the noise level to be improved still further. Only 85dB(A) at 60 mph (with naked bikes) Sound intensity is a phenomenon which can be explained logarithmically/mathematically. A 10 dB(A) jump in noise level is perceived by the human ear as a doubling of the noise level. Conversely a drop of 10 dB(A) is perceived as a halving of the noise level. Physically these changes in the perceived noise level already occur at an increase or decrease of 6 dB (A). This means that the increase/decrease in the physical load is higher than the one perceived. Optimisation Aeroacoustics are influenced by: the position of the helmet in the air flow, depending on the driver's size and riding posture and the motorcycle's fairing Fit of the helmet: differences in the anatomy of the wearer's head, neck and shoulder areas Innovative ventilation system The S2 is equipped with an innovative Air Extraction System. The combination of multipath channels in the EPS foam liner and the head, chin and mouth ventilation ensure that fresh air is distributed efficiently throughout the entire head area. The fresh air which enters via the forehead ventilation is conducted through the inner shell's air channels well beyond the back of the head to the rear of the helmet. The low pressure prevailing at the rear of the helmet creates a siphon effect causing the interior air to be pulled in and extracted constantly through the air outlets and the special mesh fabric in the neck padding Head ventilation input (adjustable in multiple stages) Chin vent for targeted distribution of the incoming air in the helmet The S2's powerful ventilation system Chin vent Variable pad system Face shield vent Adjustable top vent Active Air Extraction System EPS shell with ventilation channels O2 ventilation In cold weather a helmet is sometimes sealed closed by sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs locking out the fresh air supply. The concentration of carbon dioxide inside the helmet is a key safety criterion for preventing symptoms of fatigue and the thinning of breathable air. No negative effects on health need be feared as long as the CO2 concentration remains below 3.5 %. The maximum level of CO2 concentration at the workplace is 0.5 % Even when the neck zone is sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs, this helmet guarantees that the CO2 concentration remains below the 0.5% limit as from a speed of approx. 30 km/h. In cases where the helmet is completely sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs, the face shield ought to be opened (city-travel position) for safety reasons when idling, for example at traffic lights, or travelling slowly. SRC-System™-ready The S2 is by default equipped to accommodate the SCHUBERTH SRC-System™ S2. To guarantee ideal radio reception for you, the S2 is already equipped with two integrated antennas to boost reception and a Bluetooth® connection Optimum reception quality at all times Bluetooth® antenna for wireless mobile, navigation and intercom connections to other SRC-System™ owners.

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